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Quality assurance

INAUDIT Company’s services, traditionally marked by high quality are oriented at consumers, interested in serious and responsible work. We supported the quality by not only a huge methodology base and personal professionalism of our specialists, but also by the fact of operating with the most up-to-date information and education technologies as well as progressive material-technical base.

In 1994-1995 our Company was one of the first audit firms of Russia that formulated and accepted the entire system of internal standards of auditing (“Audit guide,” RUFAUDIT, © 1995) based on International Standards of Auditing (ISA), developed by International Federation of Auditors (IFAC). We have been reviewing and updating the “Audit guide” constantly in accordance with the International Standards and Federal rules (standards) of auditing.

INAUDIT Standards of auditing run all the main lines of professional activity of the Company. The International associated bodies of audit-and-consulting firms of BDO International and JPA International, as well as of the World Bank appreciated the standards in value.

In our professional activity, we apply the special software products helping us to perform and to document the most important stages of the audit process.

Sine 1997 the Methodological council, uniting the most experienced and competent specialists, has been operating inside the Company. The object of the council is the investigation of the problematic situations, occurring during professional activity, related to insufficient efficiency and low transparency of current legislation.

The department of methodology and next-following quality control has been working systematically on the ongoing process of the audit technologies further development. The department enforces the applicable standards in practice by INAUDITt as well as “Rufaudit Alliance” specialists.  

The main goal of the department is to conduct quality control procedures of INAUDITt services providing to the clients.

The “Provision on Inside Quality Control”, regulating the procedures and requirements on the quality of audit reviews and the officials who are respond for  carrying out CQ procedures is in practice at INAUDIT.

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