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Application by Mr. Alexey Ruf on the integration of professional practices 

of providing audit and related  services to  the Eurasian network of  audit

and accounting firms "Inaudit Group"

The Board of the Audit and Consulting Group "RUFAUDIT / INAUDIT ALLIANCE", in connection with the ongoing reorganization caused by significant changes in the current legislation regulating audit activities in the Russian Federation on the day of the thirtieth anniversary of the state registration of the first Soviet audit organization, «Inaudit», established in accordance with special resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR from 08.09.1987 No. 1033-245 "On the establishment of a Soviet audit organization", adopted the decision on the following:

1. To unite into the single Eurasian network of audit and accounting firms "Inaudit-Group" professional practices of auditing and accounting activities: 

  • organizations included in Audit and Consulting Group "RUFAUDIT / INAUDIT ALLIANCE"; 
  • auditing and consulting firms from CIS countries; 
  • Russian regional organizations that carry out professional activities in the field of auditing, outsourcing accounting functions, automating accounting, valuation activities and tax consulting.

2. The consolidation is made with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of providing audit services, significantly sharing professional resources, expanding the range of services provided, increasing competitiveness in the market for audit and audit-related services in the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Economic Union, enabling unified auditing companies to continue their audit practice in conditions of changed legislative requirements for the conduct of public-audit economic organizations. 

3. The consolidation of the audit organizations in the Network "Inaudit Group" is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the International Professional Standards regarding the network form of activity of audit organizations, the conceptual approach to the observance of the independence of network organizations, and gives grounds for obtaining a reasonable and well informed third party judgments that all organizations are linked together in a way that represents the Network. 

4. Heads of companies that unite their audit practices on the basis of JSC «Inaudit» are admitted to the staff of JSC «Inaudit» as "Directors of Audit" and acquire the status of "Partners" under contracts for the provision of audit services, they are included in the Board of Managing Partners of JSC «Inaudit» and acquire the right to manage the shares of JSC «Inaudit», depending on the volume of contracts transferred.

5. All aspects of interaction and implementation of audit activities under a single brand, including: the distribution of orders for audit and joint auditing procedures, a unified quality control system, compliance with the common professional standards adopted in the Network, procedures and terms for combining professional practices, as well as other issues of activities within the Network - are agreed with each participating organization of the Network in a separate Agreement association of professional practices with JSC "Inaudit".


Alexey Ruf

Chairman of the Board of Managing Partners of the Eurasian Network
auditing and accounting firms "Inaudit Group",
General Director of JSC «Inaudit», 
Certified auditor,
PhD in economics

Moscow, October 1, 2017

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