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The Eurasian network of audit and accounting firms "Inaudit Group (JPA International)" was created by combining the existing practices of the Audit and Consulting "Rufaudit Alliance", included in the International network of audit and accounting firms "JPA International", ACG "Inaudit" and leading audit companies from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, to expand the range of audit-related and audit-related services, which correspond to the world professional standards, provided throughout the Russian Federation and abroad. 

Rufaudit is a Russian audit company established in December 1991 with license No. 00001 for the right to carry out audits in the field of general audit issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in 1994 and license No. 1 for the right to conduct audit activities in the field of audit of credit institutions issued by the Central Bank of Russia in 1992. He is the founder of 16 regional audit and consulting organizations, the organizer of ACG Rufaudit Alliance (1994). 

"Inaudit Group (JPA International)" includes audit and consulting organizations from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, as well as organizations that outsource accounting functions, united by a single technology and methodology for the provision of services, common standards adopted and used in the Network, a unified system of internal quality control. 

"Inaudit Group (JPA International)" was established in the form of a "Partnership" in which each Partner has a share in the capital of «Inaudit», is a member of the Network management bodies and has the appropriate authority to make decisions on behalf of the Network's head organization, in accordance with Regulation on the organization of the network.


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