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Being one of the leading audit-and-consulting firms in Russia, RUFAUDIT offers to its clients all kinds of professional services as audit and assurance, accounting, tax, legal services, services in the sphere of company’s finance, management, advisory services.

Our project groups under the leadership of the partners work out high performance decisions to provide our clients on the territory of Russian Federation and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). Taking into account the unique problems facing our clients RUFAUDIT tries to provide all professional services in complex. Our goal is to cooperate to the success of our clients. Our approach is innovation-oriented, based on clear understanding of business goals together with deep understanding of regional peculiarities and industry segments.

RUFAUDIT provides:

Audit.  Statuary audit and accounting, financial statements audits, due diligence, corporate tax services, finance-and-economical analysis of company’s activity and services related to improving client’s accounting systems and to increasing company’s efficiency.  

IFRS. Transition to IFRS; GAAP and IAS; transition IFRS project management tool, training and coaching support in company accounting policy according to the new accounting standards.

Tax and Accounting. Accounting records maintenance, submitting of the statements to IFTS (Federal Tax Service) and off-budget funds. Effective transactions support, all kinds of legal support as representation of client’s interests at arbitration and regular court in all concerned, pre-contractual disputes decisions. Income tax optimization and reporting, resolving tax disputes, maintaining of tax records. International clients support.

Advisory. Corporate governance advisory; business performance advisory in order to optimize a company’s financial and operational management; investment consulting; Contingency Planning, Due Diligence Review.

Appraisal. Company business appraisals, real estates appraisal services, movables, intangible assets, mandatory appraisals.


Applying to us you will get real help in business development. You can address with the proposal for professional service provision by e-mail reception@rufaudit.ru or by tel. +7 (495) 797-87-70.

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