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Our approach to conducting the audit is aimed at providing customers with accurate and important information, helping them in making effective business decisions. 

During the audit, our specialists are engaged in gathering information that helps to understand the client's business, internal management and possible risks of the enterprise. Before submitting an audit report, we conduct targeted business diagnostics and assess the financial state of the client. 

We audit in accordance with Russian and international accounting standards and ensure that financial statements comply with rapidly changing legal requirements, which helps clients meet the requirements of transparency and openness of information and improve the corporate governance system. 

The company INAUDIT stood at the origins of the audit in Russia. Due to the deep knowledge and experience of conducting inspections in specific industries and understanding the problems that our clients have to deal with, we can always give the necessary and timely advice. And the constant improvement of our services helps us to anticipate the financial problems of customers and recommend measures to prevent them.

    Services of INAUDIT include: 
  • audit of financial statements prepared according to Russian and international standards; 
  • industry experience in conducting audits includes:

- Banks and credit institutions;
- Insurance companies;
- Industry enterprises;
- Trade companies;
- Transport and communications;
- Recourses and processing companies;
- Investment trust companies;
- Pension funds;
- Representative offices of the foreign companies;

  • Assistance in the preparation of international financial statements (IAS, GAAP);
  • Audit of financial statements upon the World Bank projects;
  • Review engagements;
  • Tax audit;
  • Audit reviews in assistance of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Environmental auditing;
  • Assistance in the Initial public offering projects (IPO).  

For more information, as well as questions and suggestions for conducting audits, you can contact reception@inaudit.group or call +7 (495) 797-87-70. Our specialists will contact you promptly.

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