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Board of Directors

Botirov Mahammad Hoshimovich

Botirov Mahammad Hoshimovich

Post: Member of the Board of Managing Partners of Inaudit Group (JPA International)

E-mail: reception@inaudit.group

Phone: +7 (495) 797-87-70

Ferghana Polytechnic Institute, economist (Diploma with Honors), 2004.
Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry, Engineer, 1993. 
Ferghana Technical College of Light Industry, Technologist (Diploma with Honors), 1985.

2009 United Nations Program for the Integrated Development of the Regions, "Organization of Accounting"; 

2009 The "Securities Market" program at the Tashkent Financial Institute, certificate QQB No. 00195; 

2004-2006 course "Taxes and Law", "Audit", Ferghana Polytechnic Institute, within the CIPAEN examination 


2006 Course "Financial Accounting", examination network CIPAEN 

2001-2017 Annual training at the courses of qualification improvement of auditors (60 hours) 

2015 Training on the courses and obtaining a certificate of the CIPAEN Examination Network 

2015 Training on courses and obtaining an international certificate "IFRS-2015" and "ISA-2015" international 

network BDO, Kazakhstan


1979 - 1989. Ferghana textile combine, shifting master, shop manager; 

1989 - 1992 Ferghana Textile Plant, Production Director; 

1993 - 1995. JSC "Barkamol", the chief engineer of the enterprise; 

1996 - 1997. Auditing firm "IRODA", auditor, chief auditor; 1997 Audit organization "Hamkorlik-Audit", director; 

1997 - up to the present Auditing organization LLC TTT-Audit, General Director 

2007 - up to the present Chairman of the Chamber of Auditors of Ferghana region of the Republic of Uzbekistan; 

2011 - up to the present Non-governmental educational institution of "Ferghana Audit Progress", director.

Membership in professional associations: 

Member of the Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the National Association of Accountants and 

Auditors of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Member of the commission for the examination for obtaining the auditor's certificate and the internal auditor of the

Ministry of Finance The Republic of Uzbekistan; 

Chairman of the State Commission of the SJSC of the Ferghana Polytechnic Institute; 

Head and member of the group of controllers for external quality control of audit organizations The Republic of 

Uzbekistan For 20 years of existence of the auditing company "TTT-Audit" an audit was carried out in various 

sectors of the economy at more than 250 enterprises and economic entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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